Must-read Ruby/Rails-related article or video


RailsConf 2014 - All the Little Things by Sandi Metz

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I was an attendee at the RailsConf 2014 and watched the presentation at the conference. Really cool to see how she explained her thought processes in refactoring the messy code. 

GORUCO 2009 - SOLID Object-Oriented Design by Sandi Metz

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Single Responsibility
Open Closed
Liskov Substitution
Interface Segregation
Dependency Inversion


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I've learned so much from watching Ryan Bates' videos. Not only that he explains everything really well in his video, but he also has transcript posted on his site: http://railscasts.com/. It's too bad that he burned out and stopped making videos. Since then, no one came close to matching his level of clear and simplifying way of explaining different features, gems or application of Rails. 

Very first demo of Ruby on Rails by DHH

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THIS IS THE VIDEO! This is the video that hooked me on Ruby on Rails. The way he created a blog site with such ease..... It just opened a lot of possibilities that I can create with the framework.